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VISA Debit Card

Ace Visa Debit cards make purchases quick and easy. Replacing cash and cheques with a VISA Debit card enhances security and proper record keeping.

Ace Development Bank is the only development bank in Nepal having associate membership of Visa International. We issue Ace Visa Debit Card which is widely acceptable in Nepal and India.

Debit Card Fees for 2 years validity
NPR 400.00
Debit Card Fees Installments-1 NPR 200.00
Debit Card Fees Installments-2   NPR 200.00
Card Replacement Fee
NPR 200.00
Card Renewal Fee NPR 200.00
Cash Withdrawal Fee
NIL on Ace Development Bank’s ATM
NPR 10.00 on Member Bank’s ATM
NPR 250.00 per cash withdrawal made from VISA ATM
  (Note: VISA ATM transaction in India may charge higher as per 
theire bank rules)
Balance Inquiry Fee
NIL on Ace Development Bank’s ATM
NPR 10.00 on Member Bank’s ATM
NPR 50.00 on VISA ATM
PIN Regeneration Fee
NPR 100.00


*Note: The Bank reserves the right to amend the charges at any time with or without prior notice to the Cardholder and such amended charges shall be biding on the Cardholder.

MEMBER BANKS: Himalayan Bank Limited



The usage of Debit card is governed by the rules and regulations of Nepal Rastra Bank. You should not use this card outside Nepal and India. You should not attempt to use this card in Internet / Mail Order / Telephone Order Transactions. Such misuse of this card shall be the Cardholder’s responsibility and Ace may withdraw this facility or impose penalties for such activities. Please do not disclose your card number and PIN to others.


Maximum times ACE Debit card can be used per day

ATM:  6 times/day

POS: 50 times/day


Maximum Transaction Limit per day


ATM: NPR.  200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Only)
POS:    NPR. 320,000 (Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand Only)


ATM:     INR.  15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Only) Per day
POS:    INR. 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Only) one time
Maximum ATM limit per Month is INR.100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Only)
Visa Rules: Chargeback for ATM/POS transaction will be entertained before 120 days of the transaction date.