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About Ace Mobile Banking

Why Ace Mobile Banking

Ace Mobile Banking offers an easy-to-use and secure mobile app that you can download for free on your smartphone. It is a new tool that connects you with your account round the clock so that you are always updated and informed about your finances. With Ace Mobile Banking, you can bank with us from your location at a time of your convenience.

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Why Ace Mobile Banking?
Upto 2% Discount on Topups
Topup mobile phones, landlines and adsl internet services using Ace Mobile Banking and get 2% instant discount!
Instant Fund Transfers
Save Time. Save Fuel. Save a visit to the bank! With Ace Mobile Banking, you can transfer money to other accounts at ACE and more than 35 other banks within seconds.
Transaction Alerts
As a mobile banking subscriber, you will receive instant SMS notifications about your account transactions.
Quick Access to Account Information
Vital information such as your account balance and recent transactions are delivered directly to your phone anytime you send a request.
Enjoy eSewa!
Use Ace Mobile Banking to load funds into your eSewa wallet and make your life that much simpler. Buy movie/bus/flight tickets and pay all your utility bills from the comfort of your home.
Type REG and send an SMS to 2121 to create your eSewa account or visit
It’s Secure
Your mobile banking service works only if it is accessed using your registered mobile number and an MPIN that only you know. As an additional security measure, all SMS messages generated by the mobile app are encrypted.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Mobile Banking require an internet connection on my phone?
Internet is required only to download the mobile banking app from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once downloaded, internet is not required as this is an SMS based service. The mobile app sends SMS requests to the server and you receive an SMS reply.
Which Telecom Operators are supported? What will happen if the telecom provider’s network is down?
The service can be used by all Nepal Telecom and Ncell GSM users. Mobile banking is a SMS based service and will not function if the network is down.
Can I transfer funds using Mobile Banking?
Yes you can transfer funds to other accounts in the bank. However, you will need to enable the fund transfer feature at the time of registration itself.
Can I transfer funds using Mobile Banking to someone if I don’t have his/her account number?
Yes. You can transfer funds to a person having an account in the same bank by specifying his/her mobile number (see ‘Registered Mobile’ inside ‘Fund Transfer’ in the app). However, the recipient must also be subscribed to Mobile Banking service in the bank by registering the specified mobile number.
Can I transfer funds to accounts in other banks?
Yes you can transfer funds to accounts in banks which are a member of the fonepay network. The list of member banks appears on the dropdown menu of the mobile app while initiating the transfer.
Are there any charges associated with fund transfer?
Fund transfer between accounts within the bank is free.  Fund transfers to accounts in other member banks incur certain charges which are as follows:
Transfer Amount Charge
Rs. 100 – Rs. 1,000 Rs. 10/-
Rs. 1,001 – Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20/-
Rs. 10,001 – Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30/-
Rs. 20,001 – Rs. 30,000 Rs. 40/-
Rs. 30,001 – Rs. 40,000 Rs. 50/-
Rs. 40,001 – Rs. 50,000 Rs. 60/-

Are there any limits to the amount and number of transactions I can make?
Depending upon the ‘package’ you choose during registration, you will be allocated certain transaction limits on the amount and number of transactions per day using the mobile banking service.
Please mention transaction limits/count specified by your bank
What are the different kinds of payments I can make with Mobile Banking?
As a mobile banking subscriber, you can use the fund in your bank account to make various payments at any time and from anywhere. Payments include:
  • NT/Ncell Mobile Topup
  • NT Landline Topup
  • NT ADSL Internet Topup
  • NT GSM/CDMA Recharge Cards
  • Credit Card Payments of various banks
  • Dish Home Recharge Cards
  • Broadlink Recharge Cards
  • Load eSewa Wallet
Can I buy Movie/Bus/Air tickets using Mobile Banking?
Not directly. However, you can transfer the required amount to your eSewa wallet using your mobile banking service. You can then purchase tickets from a host of service providers including QFX, Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines using the funds in your eSewa wallet.
I purchased a recharge card/topup. The amount was withdrawn from my account but I did not receive any recharge PIN number/topup value. What should I do?
These things happen due to network unavailability or system not functioning properly. In any case, the amount should be credited back to your account immediately. If not, kindly contact your branch and report the problem. Upon verification, the amount will be credited to your account.
What are the charges for using this service?
  • An annual fee of NPR 100 shall be charged for this service. The service shall be renewed automatically at the same rate unless notified by you
  • Standard charges for SMS sent from your mobile phone shall be applicable as per your Telecom provider
  • Interbank fund transfer charges as mentioned above
What precautions should I take?
A few things that you as a customer should keep in mind while using mobile banking are:
  • The secrecy of your MPIN is your responsibility. Please do not share it with others. It is highly recommended that you memorize it and delete it immediately from your message inbox.
  • Always use mobile banking apps available for your phone as the originating SMS will be encrypted when used with these apps. Always use the bank’s website for links to download the apps.
  • Change your MPIN on a regular basis.
  • In case your phone gets lost or is used by others, please contact us immediately.
Mobile Banking app is not available for my phone. What should I do?
You can still use this service even if Mobile banking apps are not available for your phone. Please Click Here (link to pdf file containing syntax) to view the syntax you can use to avail this service by sending SMS to 4244.